Cash Vault

Age: 5+ years
Maximum: 50 people per hour
Power: 1x 10amp outlet
Size: L1.5m x W1.8m x H2.8m

“Step right up ladies and gentlemen for your chance to grab heaps of free cash!” Looking for an innovative way to attract a crowd and drive sales into your business? Well look no further, Funworks has the answer! The Inflatable Cash Vault makes everybody a winner. This metallic gold inflatable looks sensational and will create plenty of attention. Lucky participants get the chance to ‘grab for cash and prizes’ inside the Cash Vault. You control the amount of money you give away and how many times they get to try. The amount of money is easily controlled, so you can give away as much or as little as you like. The Cash Vault is a great way to create excitement and fun and really draws a crowd. Because the Cash Vault is inflatable, it’s easy to install and takes only minutes to set up. So what are you waiting for? Book the Cash Vault today!

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