We make cool stuff!

Take a good idea and make it – that’s what we do.

From the weird and wonderful to the fun and funky chances are we’ve made it! We’ve designed and produced some of the most exciting bespoke large scale inflatable structures in New Zealand and created some of the most amazing event spaces with our Geodesic Domes. We are the most experienced producers and operators of large scale, cold and sealed air inflatables and steel frame geodesic structures. We understand the mechanics and dynamics required to drive a project from concept and design, through to production and activation.


Making the tricky easy is the trick.

Our SolidWorks CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software enables us to not only create bespoke concepts, but greatly assists in the production of them. Concepts can be fully modelled in the virtual environment to ensure all aspects of the design look and function are as desired. Once the design is approved we have the ability to convert these designs efficiently from the CAD environment to machine centres and cutting tables, allowing us to create very detailed and intricate designs which can be produce to pin-point accuracy. This ‘value engineering’ approach saves time, is very cost efficient and creates better results for our clients.

Qui Quoi Quand Où Pourquoi.

Supplier relationships are one of our most valued assets.

These relationships have been fostered over many years of working together collaboratively. We have developed trust and a methodology that enables us to effectively communicate and share ideas to produce stand-out products. We invite our suppliers to challenge themselves, to push the boundaries and explore new possibilities, to make the previously unmade made. We have a very capable group of key manufacturers, all with different expertise, experience and technology, so choosing the right manufacturer for the project is paramount. To select the right collaboration for we ask ourselves these five questions – ‘Who’ ‘What’ ‘When’ ‘Where’ ‘Why’ – a formula you may remember being taught at school for problem-solving, but equally relevant here, as this is our methodology when it comes to production to ensure we have the absolute best on the job.


THE SUPERFLY – The World’s Largest Inflatable WaterSlide!

The SuperFly is our most ambitious creation yet and marks a new generation of hybrid inflatable design which allows for a much larger scale and more exciting ride experience!

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