The right stuff!

Activate – it’s a fancy word for making active…and we all know to be active it helps to have the right kit!

We couldn’t agree more and as the saying goes – you have to have the right tools for the job – we have just that to make-active any event. Truck, van, elevated platform, generators, forktruck, hoists, people mover and much more. We own our gear which is a huge advantage as it makes it more cost effective for our clients. Plus it allows us to be quite nimble and very flexible, so we can move at the drop of a hat, if required! We can also brand and customise vehicles and assets to provide front-to-back brand integration.

Safety first!

Growing up no one really gave two hoots about workplace health and safety…my haven’t things changed for the good!

In today’s environment there is no place for a “she’ll be right” attitude, those days are long gone and replaced with an expectation that everything is safe and sound. This expectation is none more relevant when dealing with the public and being in trusted to keep our clients brand reputation pristine – a job we take very seriously! To ensure this every step is carefully considered. From bespoke risk assessments, to site specific safety plans – health and safety is our number one consideration. We constantly review, both internally and through consultants, our procedures and documentation to keep pace with legislation to ensure best practice in all aspects of our business, both at our workplace and at yours.

People power!

All this is great but without the right people you’ve just “got the gear and no idea!!”

The difference between success and failure ultimately comes down to the people, both out front and behind the scenes driving every aspect of the event, ensuring nothing is left to chance. We have great people who have very high attention to detail and will not rest until the job is done! From nationwide roadshows to brand activations and everything in between, we have the right people, ready and able. We’ll do the work to make sure your event, no matter how big or small, is ‘O’ for Awesome!! Why not give us a try…and like us you’ll be jumping for joy!!


THE SUPERFLY – The World’s Largest Inflatable WaterSlide!

The SuperFly is our most ambitious creation yet and marks a new generation of hybrid inflatable design which allows for a much larger scale and more exciting ride experience!

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