The art of an idea!

The single most important ingredient to a successful outcome.

A well thought through idea can be the difference between good and great – success or failure. As the saying goes “everyone has an idea”, but what makes that idea special are the next steps beyond, this higher reach is where the real gold lies. We’re passionate and take great care in the process of generating great ideas for our clients – ideas that work, that create that special moment or experience.

As the saying goes…

One picture is worth ten thousand words!

That’s none more the case when you are working up concepts to bring ideas to life. Our in-house Solid Works CAD modelling gives us the ability to quickly create a visual representation of the concept, which can be rendered as high quality visuals or solid models from our 3D printer. The life-like process enables us to work more effectively with our clients to achieve that perfect look and feel before committing to design and production.


A great idea must be more than a pretty picture.

A great idea must be more than a pretty picture. Like kissing frogs…the first one may not necessarily be the best…you need to keep trying! There are four key factors we consider in our idea creation methodology – we call it ‘B4’ (before) Brief, Build, Budget and Brilliant. Is it on brief, can it be built within the budget and will it be brilliant!! Only then, if it meets this initial criteria, can it be up for further consideration!


THE SUPERFLY – The World’s Largest Inflatable WaterSlide!

The SuperFly is our most ambitious creation yet and marks a new generation of hybrid inflatable design which allows for a much larger scale and more exciting ride experience!

What our clients say