Rugby GameZone Package

Age: 4+ Years
Maximum : 1500 people per hour
Power: Package include 3 Phase Lifeguard distribution system
Size: L40.0m x W40.0m x H8.4.5m (complete GameZone package)

The Rugby ‘GameZone’ is an original concept developed for high-level rugby activations. Eight months of development went into creating this impressive game package, which are unique in every way and the only examples of their type worldwide. The GameZone package is designed to create a stand-out attraction in the form of an interactive Rugby themed Adventure park. A focal point for fans and families to come together and have a day of rugby themed fun and entertainment. Designed to be activated at a high profile location/venue (outdoor or indoor) and centered around the five interactive inflatable Rugby themed games. The concept will help to create excitement and provide some hands-on Rugby interactivity for all ages and stages, with an element of competition mixed with a whole lot of fun!

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